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Your favorite complete breeding guide for Dragon City is now updated for ! Dragon breeding is a unique part of the game play in Dragon City. However, it is. is the best place to find out which dragons to breed together to get a Nirobi dragon in Dragon City!. Hello Dragon City Fanatics! Here is a list of breeding combinations for the various dragons in Dragon City. I didn't include dragons that are not breedable. If the order did matter, then when using a level Breed Rare Hybrids using Legends The other method that can be used to breed Rare Hybrids is to use at least one Legend. May 29, at Recent Posts How to Breed Promethium Dragon in Dragon City How to Breed Howl Dragon in Dragon City How to Breed Glacial Dragon in Dragon City How to Breed Blue Dragon in Dragon City How to Breed Apocalypse Dragon in Dragon City. Dragon City Complete Dragon Breeding How To Guide. March 2, at I probable missed this in your explanation above but how do you get a 3 element dragon such as Loki with War, Flame and Dark. How to Breed Rare Hybrids Rare Hybrids are those dragons which have 2 elements which are opposed to each other. Ancient World Breeding Tips Ancient Dragons Ancient Habitats Ancient Mines Ancient Portal Best Ancient Breeding Combos Black Market Breeding Sanctuary Buildings Crystals Dragon Books Dragon Cards Dragon Tournament Egg Breaker Element Strengths and Weaknesses Chart Gems Habitats Quests News Player Levels Tips Get Gems! Instead, the game will return either Pure or War from that breeding pair. July 30, at February 4, at January 6, at 8: May 28, at June 9, at 3: The Legend element is a wildcard, and so can be any element. The new dragons with parental level requirements with low success rates is another reason. December 8, at 9: April 16, at 1: how to breed dragon in dragon city When you get to a later level, there is much left to do except to collect the event dragons while letting your Dragon breeding schedule run. November 14, at To breed a Legend dragon, you need to use parent dragons with the Pure element. Use any Legendary Droconos, Wind, Nirobi, Legendary, Mirror or Crystal and a rare hybrid with the required levels to obtain exclusives. The way to breed Pure dragons has remained much the same as before the update. It is important to know how to breed Elemental dragons though, so as to understand why they show up sometimes, but not others.

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